Thursday, August 27, 2009


Things have been going too fast lately.


I'm actually enjoying school now. I mean, I did before, but... I don't know, it's different now. I love basically all of my classes (except for English, but eh, that's okay). I have more friends than I ever have before (even though only like four of them are actually in my grade, haha). And I feel like things will only get better from here. There's some people I'd like to get to know better, and I actually have classes with them now, so yay. College applications are annoying, but they will be done soon.

And... yayyyyy theater is finally starting again! Not only is theater awesome, it also means I get to hang out with Daily after school instead of riding the bus home and listening to the little kids scream. I swear, if I hear those kids sing along to Hannah Montana one more time... hahaha.


Community meeting was hilarious today. (For those of you not at Cannon - since a certain number of people went to some soccer game or something, the varsity soccer team sang Taylor Swift's song Love Story. It was epic.). I have Taylor Swift stuck in my head now, but I guess that's an acceptable trade-off for such entertainment.

In other news, and in an attempt to get other music stuck in my head, I highly recommend that you listen to Queen's Bicycle Race. It's an amazing song.


I got my braces off yesterday!!! Yayy, this is excitinggg!!! I've had them on for what seems like FOR EVER. So, I'm happy. Yay!


Earlier this week, I noticed something. I was riding the bus to school (as a senior), listening to t.A.T.u and Cascada, and reading Fruits Basket. I figured that this could mean that my life was either really lame or really awesome. I'm going with really awesome.


I've been experimenting with creating synthesized music, and some of it is turning out somewhat well. I might actually try putting some songs together. The genre I'm going for right now is sorta a mixture of electronica, trip-hop, progressive, rock, and ambient. This might be fun.


Okay so I'm basically wasting time now, hoping that Mr. Fitzsimmons will send out the cast list tonight. Because I really want to see it! Hahaha, we're doing this really depressing play about a mining town where there is a huge explosion and basically all the men die. So it's pretty sad... there are monologues by dead miners, and their widows, and stuff. Yeah, haha. I might get to play a dead miner.

Anyway, I guess that's all for now. Goodnight!

...and I can almost put it back together...

Thursday, August 20, 2009


School has started, yay. A bit of confusion caused the year to get off to a rough start, but things are better now. Well... as good as they will get, I guess. Most of my classes range from ok to good. I seem to have a relatively good number of friends. However. Our lunch group seems to be fracturing, and our band is in need of some serious help. Meh, whatever.


One of my favorite classes so far is The Voice, the creative writing class. One of the activities we did was based on "found" poetry - in this activity, we picked random words and phrases from the top and bottom of certain pages in a random book, and then turned them into a poem. I picked Fahrenheit 451, which was an excellent choice. Below is my poem:

A silly thing, fun at my expense.
Maximum of comfort for two thousand dollars.
Keep the world happy and laughing.
Only one way out, he whispers in your ear.
Oh god, you silly fool.
A salamander glimmering in the high darkness.
It sizzles faintly in the great hot emptiness.
A new sun.
I knew it I knew it I knew it.
Did I tell you? Eventually, it might fall upon the city.
Bing bing bing, yelling, laughing.
The sick look on your face.
Stone by stone, falling.
Darkness, yelling, laughing.
And now?
You fall and lay without moving.
Another fever, a numbness.
An old man yelling, “Are you asleep in there?”
You’re a fool, an awful fool, an idiot.
“Last night…?”
I don’t know.
The final push towards murder.
Suicide and crying and awful feelings.
A charred wax doll.
I knew it.
But now I only hear laughing.

It's okay, I guess. I like it better than the other poems I've written in the class, but the limited word choice bugged me a bit. I probably would have cut back on the laughing. I don't know.


I've been trying to spread the word about Symposium. It's September 18th, at about 6:00 pm, in Taylor Hall. If you want to perform or anything, just let me know. If not, please come anyway!


For theater, it looks like we might be doing some depressing play about a mining town where a whole bunch of men die in an accident. fun fun.


...scrambled eggs, pork chops, and hot dogs...

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Hmm. It's the last day of summer. This is both good and bad. I wish summer had been a bit longer. Well, parts of it. Not other parts. Oh well. The ending hasn't been as good as I had hoped, but whatever. School brings things to look forwards(british spelling) to. (ending in a preposition. grammar, I shall defile thee.)


Portishead is awesome. I finally bought their second album (titled Portishead), even though I already have like half of the songs on it through the live CD. Anyways, I now have all of their albums, and am most happy. Artists who I have the complete discography of: Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Muse, Portishead, My Chemical Romance. Interesting selection. I'm working on acquiring all of Massive Attack next. Yay for trip-hop/electronica.


I don't want to brag, but whatever. Here goes. Well, my family decided to finally update our cellphone plan, so it actually fit our usage. Which means we all got new cellphones. I took full advantage of this, and got a Blackberry Tour. (Since I hadn't updated my old phone in like... YEARS, there was quite a bit of credit built up for a new phone). Anyways. It is pretty awesome. I generally dislike cellphones and texting in general... but I can check my email on this! yay! So, I've got it set up to recieve notifications for facebook, my gmail account, and my school webmail account. Awesome. Even better: I found a Pandora app for it! Yay music! And then... I FOUND AN SSH CLIENT!!!! This is basically the best thing ever. It means that I can log into my server... from my blackberry. And run things from the linux console. To test it out, I logged on, wrote a C source file in vi, compiled it with gcc, and ran it. It worked! All from my blackberry. Now I can do server maintenance WHEREVER!!! Hehehehe.


Okay. So yeah. School.
Here's the classes I'm taking:

Calculus 3 online from Stanford.
Theater 1.
AP Psychology.
English 4 Honors.
AP Physics.
The Voice: Creative Writing - Poetry and Fiction.

An interesting mixture.


...if I wasn't afraid...

Monday, August 10, 2009

two songs/listen to them

These two songs are most excellent, and I've recently had them stuck in my head.

First, Handlebars by Flobots. The music video is here:

I like the way the lyrics and the music video work together to tell a message. Neither of them would be as effective without the other, in my opinion. I think the moral is interesting - as individuals, we have incredible power and abilities. How do we use them? For good, or for evil? For progress? Is progress always good? This video thinks not. I am still undecided.

Second, The Boxer by Simon and Garfunkel. I had a hard time finding a link for this... I wanted you to hear the studio version, not a live performance or a cover. This was the only thing I found:

Anyway, I just love this song. Especially from about 4:00 onwards. Not really sure why, but this song has been stuck in my head now every single morning.

So. yeah. Listen to them if you want. Tell me what you think. Give me random songs to listen to. Whatever.

...and wishing I was gone...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Hey, Cannon peoples - how long are your responses to the "Who Moved My Cheese" questions? I figured I should finally get around to doing my summer work, haha. Oh, and while I'm randomly questioning you - for rising seniors: how long are your response(s) to the common app essay?


I see what you are doing. And don't worry, I will get you. You can run, you can hide, but it won't last. Not for long.


My creativity comes in annoying flashes. I'll get really great inspiration and ideas, but at times when I can't work on them. And then as soon as I have free time, I suddenly no longer want to draw/play/write/program/whatever. It's frustrating. I'm trying to beat it though. I'm slowly working on a small art piece based on the album "Funeral" by Arcade Fire.

I love that album. It has recently become my second favorite album of all time (behind Dark Side of the Moon, of course). I don't know why, it's just awesome. Neon Bible, their second album, is pretty good, but is a little darker and a little less catchy. In my opinion, at least.


Strange. The parts that are supposed to be easy are tantalizingly hard, and the parts that are supposed to be hard are confusingly easy.


Hmm. School starts in about two weeks. Meh. I'm looking forward to it. Somewhat. I also want to avoid certain things/people. Sigh.

I don't want to go to college yet. I know I still have another year... but it just seems like it is coming up too soon.



...people everywhere / a sense of expectation hanging in the air...